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This aint really asap yams ? U aint spanish nigga u black


we all come from the original people young homie

puerto ricans tend to assert their blackness in america when others brainwashed by the spanish tend to criticize them for doing so….and blacks then criticize them for doing the same

black brown yellow we all the same…’latinos’ aint nothin but a mixture of black indians that were raped by the spanish

signing out young yams….

aka godbody cavalli

we put pussy drugs and clothes on the pedestal before this money power and knowledge juheardddd


Every Bloodline Has a Beginning. Dracula Untold: Trailer 

Spoted at Rick Owens Paris Spring Fashion Week runway show. 💯

Photo Cc: Adam Katz Sinding

Rick Owens SS/15 is another example of Rick’s genius and appreciation of Culture , Art and Contemporary beauty from all walks of life. SS/15 runway show highlighted ricks vision of Art and Fashion merged both on its collection and his concept for the show. Some of the models were turned into living vibrant pieces of art. With shades of green and peach to contrast the silhouette of each individual piece. While the other models displayed the artistic medium and design on the garments. Rick Owens ingenious to keep high end fashion and contemporary urban lifestyle as a staple to his brand. a core value that will be appreciated by many generations to come. And the all black sneakers 🔥🔥🔥 thats sneaker semi- boot design is trill. #LikeAlways - #SILENTॐ




B&W fashion xx

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