Untitled (48 Portraits), 2006

Adam Helms

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Form and Function is the very foundation of Evolution in fashion. Evolution is a product of exposure, an acquired exposure from my travels thru out NYC. From the South Bronx’d early 1990s retail to Fordham’s high end fashion and Brooklyn sneakers boutiques during early and mid 2000s.
So being fulfilled with the sneaker era European and Asian denim brands such as Iceberg HISTORY, Coogi Australia D&G ect To the more high end denim like Armani Exchange and Diesel in the early 2000s. But these brands where truly not embraced by me until my travels to Harlem increased…Harlem the very Mecca of fashion is the place where i was exposed to high end brands that retail in the Bronx didn’t have . Sammy Fashions carried limited D&G, Fendi ,Versace during the Ice Berg HISTORY era ( Jay Z’s first high end fashion offer to collaborate that he turned down)
But harlem did the very famous mom and son owned boutique Formerly know as Apollo Signature did. (This is one of the famously made spot to shop for high end french and italian lines by Harlem’s very own Camron.)

My ventures to Soho & Noho never stopped, i just stop shopping directly on broadway. During that time off i started to recognize aesthetic and comfort on a whole other level. My appreciation of denim and short lived brands had diminished. My identity evolved as my exposure to boutique increased ( Atelier being one of them ) i bared witness to the gentrification of St.Marks With the disappearance of the small clothing boutiques, Record and movie stores ,magazine stores
( man i miss those )
All replaced by Yogurt shops! THATS NOT ST.MARKS!
In my era of Soho and Noho of you wasn’t a graffiti writer, skater or raver YOU WASNT IN SOHO. this Young Hipster Crowd started going to soho during that Kick push era from Lupe ( remember when Terry Kennedy was gonna whoop Lupe ass for fronting like a skater lol ) and that BAPE store opening in green street.
My first street photograph as a elementary school kid was on the corner of Broadway and Howard with the back drop of the lot where G Star RAW is at.
To say the least of my evolution on my taste of fashion Form and Function is a part of that balance that balance that comes from LAYERS of character and experiencing interacting with different cultures with different values shape my identity and vision. RICK OWENS once said “Is not about how you look in my cloths , But how you feel in them is whats important” - #SILENTॐ #GQ #APCPARIS #APC #rochambeaunyc

“Dress like a G O D” // @gq #TheRealestQuoteTheEVERWrote



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Every Bloodline Has a Beginning. Dracula Untold: Trailer 

Spoted at Rick Owens Paris Spring Fashion Week runway show. 💯

Photo Cc: Adam Katz Sinding

Rick Owens SS/15 is another example of Rick’s genius and appreciation of Culture , Art and Contemporary beauty from all walks of life. SS/15 runway show highlighted ricks vision of Art and Fashion merged both on its collection and his concept for the show. Some of the models were turned into living vibrant pieces of art. With shades of green and peach to contrast the silhouette of each individual piece. While the other models displayed the artistic medium and design on the garments. Rick Owens ingenious to keep high end fashion and contemporary urban lifestyle as a staple to his brand. a core value that will be appreciated by many generations to come. And the all black sneakers 🔥🔥🔥 thats sneaker semi- boot design is trill. #LikeAlways - #SILENTॐ